Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct:

Platinum Class Lottery and its engaged contractors are committed to supporting community and not for profit organisations through responsible implementation, development and administration of raffle programs for its clients. We are committed to providing an environment where customers can make informed decisions about their ticket purchases. This code of conduct forms part of that commitment and will be available to view on premises, on our website and on material developed by Platinum Class Lottery on behalf of not-for-profit organisations.

This document forms part of open and transparent management systems Platinum Class Lottery and its engaged contractors use to conduct its business. This code of conduct has been distributed amongst all Marketing and Customer Service staff including Telemarketers and is readily available to any other staff member. A customer may request to view a copy of this document, either electronically or hard copy and may do so by emailing or phoning (07) 563 06252. An electronic copy of this code of conduct is also displayed on our website

Information regarding responsible gambling is available upon request and at our website or by contacting our Customer Service representatives on (07) 563 06252.

Terms and Conditions and product information for each raffle will be available at the time of purchase, on line and printed on raffle tickets and promotional material. Further information can also be provided by contacting our Customer Service representatives by phoning 1800 968 946 or via email

Platinum Class Lottery will provide appropriate assistance by way of information/brochures and referral to government websites/helplines to any customer who may request such information. In addition, sales staff are trained to ensure all customers understand and acknowledge their order before credit cards are charged. Ongoing automatic memberships are on an “opt in” basis only and can be cancelled at any time.

Customers will also be provided additional information on their ticket which includes:

  • A phone number to directly contact a Customer Service representative at Platinum Class Lottery should they wish to amend or cancel their order prior to the draw and this will act as a cooling off period.
  • Terms and Conditions of the raffle.
  • Details of the Gambling helpline.

In addition, for customers who have indicated that they have a gambling problem or may be overextending themselves financially:

  • Platinum Class Lottery will remind customers at time of ticket purchase how to gamble responsibly and advise the free gambling helpline phone number 1800 858 858.
  • Where tickets are sold in person, suggest that the purchaser take a moment to reflect on whether they wish to purchase tickets/as many tickets (cooling off period).
  • Platinum Class Lottery will provide a telephone number whereby credit card purchasers could amend or cancel their order (cooling off period).
  • Platinum Class Lottery telemarketers will offer to end the call/call back later if the customer wishes to continue with their ticket purchase (cooling off period).
  • Platinum Class Lottery will instruct buyers to review the Terms & Conditions of ticket purchase on our website
  • Platinum Class Lottery will review raffle sales for all customers to identify customers displaying extreme volume ticket purchases.

Platinum Class Lottery does not permit employees to purchase tickets from raffle programs that we manage. We will provide appropriate assistance by way of information/brochures and referral to government websites/helplines to any employee who may request such information or shows signs of a gambling problem. A manager will be assigned to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to assist the employee.

As part of our commitment to providing accurate and up to date information to staff and customers, a team member will periodically (at least twice a year) review and update any gambling support service links and brochures being provided to staff or customers.

Customers who wish to lodge a complaint, provide feedback or concerns about our Code of Conduct may do so in in writing to the following address:

Platinum Class Lottery
Compliance officer
36 Industrial Ave

We welcome all feedback and will acknowledge and address all complaints and concerns in a timely manner. Complaints will also be noted on our customer files by a customer service representative.

If Platinum Class Lottery is unable to deal with the compliant internally, we will seek guidance from an independent mediator with the costs of this process to be shared between both parties.

Ticket purchasers must be at least 18 years of age. Platinum Class Lottery will take reasonable measures to ensure customers are 18 years and over and will not actively promote or knowingly sell to minors.

In an effort to reduce the risk of excessive purchases by our customers we will:

  • Discourage hard line/high pressure sales tactics.
  • Continue to develop our marketing plan to ensure customers are not excessively contacted over each draw.
  • Frequently review customers purchase history looking for excessive purchase records.
  • Providing customer service calls to suspect customers to provide information on responsible gambling.

Platinum Class Lottery will not cash customers’ cheques and does not extend credit to customers for any reason. Customers will be advised of this at the time if they request such a service.

In the implementation development and administration of any advertising or promotion Platinum Class Lottery will adhere to the following standards:

  • Advertising Code of Ethics adopted by the Australian Association of National Advertisers,
  • Not be false or misleading or deceptive about odds, prizes or the chances of winning,
  • Have the consent of any person identified as winning a prize prior to publication,
  • Not be offensive or indecent in nature,
  • Not create an impression that entering a raffle is a reasonable strategy for financial betterment,
  • Not promote the consumption of alcohol while buying raffle tickets.

Platinum Class Lottery is committed to the ongoing implementation of this code of conduct and as such has assigned a senior member of staff to handle the following:

  • Handle more difficult customer contacts,
  • Staff requests for help or services,
  • Induct new staff members to ensure they are informed about responsible gambling issues and the code,
  • Handle any responsible gambling issues raised by staff,
  • Follow up with relevant government bodies and ensuring information provided is up to date,
  • Appropriate review (at least yearly) of the code.

Feedback will be provided by staff and management about the effectiveness of the code and its operation within the business. Any changes will be advised to all staff members by way of email.

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