“Shocked, excited and over the moon, I couldn’t believe that I had won first prize.”

After buying his first ever tickets in the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery, Mr B never expected to receive a call from Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington to announce that he had won first prize in Draw 79!

“At first I wasn’t sure if the call was legitimate, because I was at work when Dr Carrington called, but he then confirmed who he was and thanked me for purchasing tickets in the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery,” Mr B said.

The first prize winner from Victoria not only had the winning ticket number, but had the choice of taking home a Mercedes-Benz X350D AWD or the E-Class Saloon, and $20,000 worth of platinum bullion or a holiday voucher.

Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington said Mr B didn’t believe it at first.

“When he realised that he did in-fact win the major prize, Mr B was so surprised. After coming to terms with his win, Mr B excitedly chose the E-Class Saloon for his family and $20,000 of platinum bullion,” Dr Carrington said.

The Draw 79 winner said he was shocked, excited and over the moon about his win, but was especially grateful for the opportunity to have a brand new family car.

“I can barely believe it! I always hear about people winning these things, but I’ve never known anyone personally that has won the major prize.”

I choose to support Act for Kids because they have incredible services for vulnerable children that need assistance and support. So buying a ticket in the lottery was a win-win for me!” Mr B said.

Mr B purchased a Multi-Buyer Ticket that gave him 2 bonus tickets and additional chances to win the top prize.

For your chance to win a brand new Mercedes Benz GLE 300D 4Matic SUV valued at over $112,000, visit to enter the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery Draw no. 80.

“What a surprise, we’re in total disbelief!”

Adelaide resident, Gary, was overjoyed by the news he had won the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery first prize!

Fresh off the plane and ready for an Easter getaway with close friends in Sydney, Gary noticed that he had missed three calls from Act for Kids whilst in transit. Intrigued, Gary retuned the call and was delighted by the news that he had in fact won a brand new Mercedes Benz GLC250 and a $10,000 Platinum Bullion!

Gary found himself and his partner jumping around the hotel room repeatedly screaming “WE WON A CAR”. Speechless and in shock, he could not believe that they had won such an extravagant prize.

From sharing the news with their close friends and family, and after having a glass of wine at a local café to try and process the news, they were still in total disbelief.

After being inspired by the kind work of Act for Kids and seeing the first prize that they could win, Gary bought a ticket in the Platinum Class Lottery.

“Act for Kids is such a good cause, so with no expectation of winning we thought, ‘you just never know your luck’. We can’t say thank you enough to Act for Kids for this absolute surprise”, Gary said.

For so long Gary and his partner have been teasing themselves about one day upgrading their vehicles. Recently, they were considering selling both of their cars to enable them to upgrade to a nicer, more spacious car similar to the Mercedes GLC250.

Winning the Mercedes Benz has given Gary the flexibility to both keep his beloved Ute and enjoy the luxurious GLC without having a large debt hanging over them.

Gary purchased just three tickets for $100 in the lottery, and had a 1 in 2,666 chance of winning. For your chance to win, visit

It’s a win-win for the W family!

The W family were utterly speechless when they found out they had won $10,000 in Platinum Bullion!

After buying 3 tickets for just $100 in Draw 77 of the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery, the couple never expected to receive a call at work from Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington to say they had won!

By supporting Act for Kids since the very first draw in 2006, the Queenslanders have helped Act for Kids provide 80 hours of life-changing therapy to children who have suffered abuse or neglect.

The W family said they consider their entries as donations to help vulnerable kids overcome their trauma.

“Act for Kids is an organisation we believe provides valuable services to our community. We have supported the organisation for many years.

“It fills a need our public services do not cover. It seems to be a growing problem in modern society,” they said.

“We will continue to support Act for Kids into the future. It deserves continued wider recognition.”

As Platinum Reserve Members, the W family received automatic and priority allocation of tickets to each Platinum Class Lottery, plus exclusive entries to win additional prizes.

A new Mercedes-Benz and 14 years of healing little hearts!

After supporting Act for Kids since the very first Platinum Class Lottery Draw in 2006, Cathy from Victoria couldn’t believe it when she found out she had just won a brand new Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG and $10,000 in platinum bullion!

Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington said Cathy not only won a total prize pool of nearly $110,000, but more importantly, she made an incredible difference to the lives of children who have suffered abuse and neglect.

“Every single ticket helps Act for Kids provide life-changing therapy and treatment to children right across Australia who have experienced trauma.

“Because of Cathy, vulnerable children have a second chance at childhood,” Dr Carrington said.

After finding out she would receive her brand new car just in time for Christmas, the Draw 75 winner said she was absolutely delighted!

“The win has definitely made Christmas a lot more exciting. I never ever thought I would win something so amazing! Financially, a real bonus too,” she said.

Cathy said she has supported Act for Kids for 14 years, buying a $100 multi-buyer ticket in every single draw, because the thought of any harm coming to her five children or any child is too much to bare.

“Act for Kids is just such a worthy cause. Anything that helps children is a winner for me,” Cathy said.

On my last day of work, I won a brand new Mercedes Benz!

It is safe to say that Mark from South Australia is living proof that if you give the world your very best the best will come right back to you.

Despite their struggles, Mark and his family have consistently given back to the community. For many years, Mark has donated his time and money to countless not-for-profit organisations and has been an active member of the Mankind Project. Mark’s partner, after suffering abuse as a child and as an adult, now runs a women’s, youth and children’s group to help other women grow, heal and overcome their trauma.

After tirelessly giving to others in need, Mark sadly lost his job, and was worried about how he was going to provide for his family. On Mark’s very last day of work, not long after hearing he had been let go, Mark, a long-time supporter of Act for Kids, received a call from Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington to say he had just won a brand new Mercedes-Benz!

Mark couldn’t believe it! The Draw 74 winner said it seemed surreal that on his last day of work he won a brand new Mercedes Benz worth almost $100,000 along with $10,000 in platinum bullion.

“The win definitely came at the right time. My partner and I only had one vehicle between us and losing my job was scary financially. Now we have breathing space, can plan for our future and can try to make the best out of this win.”

After buying 3 ticket for just $100, Mark had an incredible 1 in 3000 chance of winning first prize!

Mark said when buying tickets in the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery draws he had never envisioned being the first prize winner, and certainly not during such a tough time in his life.

“With Act for Kids, it has always felt like donating to a good cause.

“My partner and I have both known adults damaged from the abuse they suffered as children, and it is a lifetime of suffering. It shouldn’t happen. Children need to feel safe and loved,” he said.

“I am driving a beautiful new car!”

Little did long-time supporter of Act for Kids Kylie know that when entering the Platinum Class Lottery as a donation to support Act for Kids, she would win a brand new luxury Mercedes-Benz worth almost $100,000, plus $10,000 in Platinum Bullion!

When Kylie from Queensland received the call from Act for Kids CEO Dr Neil Carrington to say she was the first prize winner of the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery, she was so excited that all she could do was laugh!

Kylie said she had never even dreamed of winning when entering into the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery. She had always considered her entries as donations to support the vital work of Act for Kids.

“In 2015, I attended a conference where Dr Neil Carrington was a guest speaker, and I was very impressed with the work being done by Act for Kids.

“I have purchased tickets in the Platinum Class Lottery ever since and looked at it as a donation to the charity,” Kylie said.

When Kylie purchased a multi-buyer ticket for just $100, she had an amazing 1 in 3,000 chance of winning first prize and choosing between a luxurious black GLE250D SUV and a shiny white SLC200 Roadster.

To show your support and for your chance to be our next lottery winner call 1800 968 946 or visit

A Very Merry Mercedes-Benz Christmas

Long-time supporter of Act for Kids, D.T, was relaxing at home, when she received the exciting call to say she had won a brand new Mercedes-Benz and a bonus $10,000 in platinum bullion, just in time for Christmas!

D.T, a Platinum Reserve Member, was very excited to find out she was in fact the first prize winner of the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery Draw 70, with the choice of two Mercedes-Benz models, after purchasing three tickets for just $100.

Act for Kids CEO, Dr Neil Carrington had the honour of unveiling the shiny white Mercedes-Benz GLC250 to D.T and her husband at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane. It was a Christmas dream come true for the lucky couple, with the handover of keys on the 27th of December 2017.

Dr Neil Carrington said Act for Kids appreciates the generosity and commitment of people like D.T and her husband who have supported Act for Kids since 2014.

“We provide therapy and treatment for as many vulnerable kids and families as possible. In the last year, we were able to provide free services to an incredible 34,324 kids and families in Australia. The proceeds from our Platinum Class Lottery are vital for us to continue to provide intensive treatment for abused and neglected kids,” Dr Carrington said.

D.T has shown her support for Act for Kids for many years, as a regular buyer of Platinum Class Lottery tickets and participating in the 2015 Trek for Kids in Vietnam.

“I support Act for Kids because it is based in Brisbane and is a cause that needs monetary support to help overcome the problem of child abuse in Australia. I think it is a well-run charity and I have great respect for the people that work there and the work they do,” D.T said.

To show your support and for your chance to be our next lottery winner call 1800 968 946 or visit

“Oh wait! I did win a lottery!”

Little did Draw 69 winner Chris know that whilst at the Gold Coast 600 Supercar event he would receive a call to say he had won a brand new Mercedes-Benz.

Chris was in complete shock when he found out he was the winner of the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery Draw 69, with the choice of two Mercedes-Benz models, a C200 Cabriolet or a SLC200 Roadster.

“It was like finding out you’ve won the lottery… oh wait! I did win a lottery! I was delighted to choose… the Cabriolet.”

With only 9,000 tickets issued in the Platinum Class Lottery, Chris had a one in 9,000 chance of winning from a total prize pool of $144,266.53. Of course, the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have of winning additional bonus prizes, such as an extravagant holiday valued up to $25,000.

Chris was so excited that he told his mum, who had to sit down after hearing the big news. He was then off to collect his winnings.

“I flew to Brisbane to take delivery of the car and even when the keys were in my hand, it still didn’t feel real!”

Not only was Chris delighted about his brand new car, he was happy to have supported a good cause.

“I like to support charities that do good work and actually help people. I know it may sound clichéd, but children are our future, and the work and help that Act for Kids does goes a long way to ensuring that the future for abused and neglected children is a brighter one.”

For your chance to be our next lottery winner call 1800 968 946 or visit

Over $130,000 won!

It took three days before Mrs H from South Australia listened to the message on her phone from Dr Katrina Lines, acting CEO of Act for Kids. Dr Lines had left a message to say that Mrs H was the winner of the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery Draw 62, and was now the proud owner of a luxurious brand new Mercedes-Benz.

“I finally listened to the message that I received on Friday late Sunday night. I then debated whether it was too late to return the call. Finally after some pushing from my husband, he was very excited, I called her back. It was after 9pm.” Mrs H said.

“I was so happy to give Mrs H the great news. Not only did I get to tell her about the car but also that she had won $25,000 in platinum bullion. I don’t know who was more excited, Mrs H or her husband Mr P who I could hear in the background.” Dr Lines said.

Once the call had finished the first thing Mrs H and Mr P did was to jump online to look at the car.

“The car was amazing.” Mr P said. “A few days later we visited our local Mercedes-Benz dealership to see the car in the yard. That’s when we decided we would personally pick the car up from Brisbane and take our time to drive back to South Australia.”

Dr Neil Carrington, CEO for Act for Kids, had the honour of unveiling the metallic silver E200 Saloon at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane in Fortitude Valley, and handing the keys to the lucky winners on Friday 9 September.

The E200 valued at over $100,000 was brand new to the Australian market only arriving in Australia a month earlier. Mrs H and Mr P were also rewarded the largest multi buyer prize of $25,000, in platinum or a holiday, for buying seven tickets. Their total prize package won was over $130,000.

Mrs H and Mr P are long-time supporters of Act for Kids. Coincidently Lottery Draw 63 marked their tenth year of supporting abused and neglected kids.

Despite the recent win, Mrs H is continuing to support Act for Kids. “It is such a good cause, and this is my way of supporting kids who need help.”

For your chance to be our next lottery winner call 1800 968 946 or visit


What does it feel like to be a Platinum Class Lottery winner?

Dreams do come true

When S.W from South Australia received the call he had won the Platinum Reserve Members Draw in the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery Draw 62, he was so emotional he was brought to tears.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was only just looking at my tickets (that) morning praying I would win.”

The win of $10,000 in platinum couldn’t have come at a better time for S.W and his wife. They had been struggling financially for 14 weeks following an operation to his shoulder.

“Things were getting really hard for us. I hadn’t worked in the last 14 weeks and being self-employed I wasn’t receiving an income.”

The win for S.W and his wife has been a life changer. The worry of paying bills or putting food on the table has been eased by the $10,000 in platinum.

“We are so happy and thankful. Act for Kids is a wonderful charity doing so much wonderful work. I will definitely be continuing my support and buying more tickets.”

Act for Kids Acting CEO, Dr Katrina Lines, who made the call to S.W said, “I wished I was calling to give S.W the car. The distress he has been experiencing recently was so sad. But who knows what will happen in the future. He may win the car next time.”

S.W and his wife have been supporting abused and neglected kids by buying lottery tickets since December 2014, and are Platinum Reserve Members. Being a Platinum Reserve Member guarantees S.W a chance of winning a luxury Mercedes-Benz plus he is eligible for two bonus prizes – 10 draws of 20 Platinum Class tickets in each lottery and $10,000 worth of Platinum Bullion.

Twice lucky!

Mr &  Mrs P from Western Australia were over the moon when they received the call to say they had won first prize in the Act for Kids Platinum Class Lottery, Draw 59.  In particular as they had already won before!

“Winning the lottery once is amazing but winning it twice was a totally unexpected surprise.  We started buying tickets five months ago. Our intention was not to win, but to support a fantastic charity that does wonderful work in the community, and gives vulnerable kids and families a better chance in life.” said Mr P.

As winners of Draw 57 and Draw 59, they have won two Mercedes-Benz valued at over $170,000 plus $30,000 in platinum bullion.

Lottery buyers have a great chance to win. Only 9,000 tickets are issued and the more you buy the more chances of winning additional bonus prizes.

“It’s great odds, said Act for Kids CEO, Dr Neil Carrington. “We’ve had a few winners, who have won more than once, but most importantly the people who do purchase tickets in our lottery are giving kids the safe and happy childhood, free from abuse and neglect, they deserve.

“When I saw the car, I loved it.”

Draw 54 winner Lynette was on holiday in Fiji when she received the good news call.

She said she had to sit down when she heard the news and her husband wondered what was going on. He wasn’t too worried when a huge smile erupted across her face! Lynette had won first prize in the Act for Kids Platinum Lottery Draw 54, with the choice of a Mercedes-Benz SLK200 or ML 250 and $10,000 in bullion.

Lynette spent her next week in Fiji thinking about the car. “We went straight to Mercedes-Benz Brisbane when we arrived home, and as soon as I saw the car I loved it.  It feels like I am driving in a lounge chair. I love it!”